Entry list

Please note race numbers will not be posted. Please pick up your race number at the pre-registered desk on the evening of the race.

Race NumberNameCategoryClub
1 Jon Anderson M Cambridge & Coleridge AC
2 Chris Poultney M Longstanton Limpers
3 Andrew Unsworth M Cambridge & Coleridge AC
4 Georgina Schwiening F Cambridge & Coleridge AC
5 Andrew Booth M Unattached
6 Chris Johnson M Unattached
7 Paul Jones M Cambridge & Coleridge AC
8 Peter Duthie M Unattached
9 David Connor M Unattached
10 Martine Vanwyck F Unattached
11 Jonathan Escalante-Phillips M Cambridge & Coleridge AC
30 Glenn Smethurst M Longstanton Limpers
31 Melanie Meddows F Longstanton Limpers
32 Victoria Gilbey F Unattached
33 Amy Cope F Cambridge & Coleridge AC
34 Zoe Evans F Ely Runners
35 Josh Iron M Haverhill Running Club
36 Freya Watrasiewicz F Unattached
37 Justin Smith M Ely Runners
38 David Mould M Ely Runners
39 Jonathan Fuller M Longstanton Limpers
40 Jim Stocker M Huntingdonshire AC
41 Amelie Kirchgaessner F Unattached
42 Austin Wiehahn M Cambridge & Coleridge AC
43 Lauren Thomas F Ely Runners
44 Kelly Hall F Unattached
45 Kimberley Haden F Longstanton Limpers
46 Alex Rodger M Unattached
47 Jonathan Hamilton M Unattached
48 Edward Hodson M Unattached
49 Alex Downie M Cambridge & Coleridge AC
50 Tracy Hutchison F Unattached
51 Nikki Watrasiewicz F Unattached
52 Caroline Zakrzewski F Unattached
53 Alec Edgington M Unattached
54 Katie Barrett F Unattached
55 Peter Woods M Unattached
56 Sue Woods F Unattached
57 Rob Monk M Unattached
58 Mark Webster M Unattached
59 Simon Taylor M Unattached
60 Reuben Pardoe M Unattached
61 Ben Meadows M Cambridge & Coleridge AC
62 Megan Jackson F Unattached
63 Tina Disley F Unattached
64 Peter Larman M Unattached
65 Gordon Aspin M Cambridge & Coleridge AC
66 Sean Johnson M Unattached
67 Lindsay Cuthbert F Unattached
68 Carmel McEniery F Cambridge & Coleridge AC
69 Andy Irvine M Cambridge & Coleridge AC
70 Charlotte Sygmuta F Ely Runners
71 Lucy Hutchison F Unattached
72 Sarah Wakerley F Unattached
73 Diana Braverman F Cambridge & Coleridge AC
74 Terry Braverman M Haverhill Running Club
75 Alex Cardwell F Longstanton Limpers
76 Julie Stringer F Cambridge & Coleridge AC
77 Laura Norman F Unattached
78 Alex Eberlin M Cambridge Triathlon Club
79 Graham Darling M Unattached
80 Julia Darling F Unattached
81 Chris Darling M Cambridge & Coleridge AC
82 James Wood M Unattached
83 Spencer Norman M Unattached
84 Douglas Barber M Coltishall Jaguars
85 Gillian Plowman F Unattached
86 Andrew Plowman M Unattached
87 Jessica Cocker F Cambridge & Coleridge AC
88 Christopher Pell M Cambridge & Coleridge AC
89 Damian Harris-Dowsett M Unattached
90 Jane Munro F CSR Running Club
91 Adrian Scruton M Cambridge & Coleridge AC
92 James Plowman M Unattached
93 Ildiko Csengei F Meltham AC
94 Sandi Newman F Unattached
95 Julia Watkinson F Cambridge Triathlon Club
96 Craig Watkinson M Unattached
97 Jeni Sawford F Unattached
98 Jim Hill M Unattached
99 Marie-Louise Andersson F Unattached
100 Sofia Stenfors F Unattached
101 Annika Friberg F Cambridge & Coleridge AC
102 Wallis Friberg M Cambridge & Coleridge AC
103 Helen Grant F Cambridge & Coleridge AC
104 Edward Moffett M Cambridge & Coleridge AC
105 Caroline Archer F Huntingdonshire AC
106 Adam Care M Unattached
107 Jonathon Clarke M Unattached
108 Alice Leadbeter F Newmarket Joggers
109 Adam Smart M Unattached
110 Thomas Russell M Unattached
111 Augusta McMahon F Cambridge & Coleridge AC
112 Jennifer Smith F Cambridge & Coleridge AC
113 Steven Anderson M Unattached
114 David Gledhill M Unattached
115 Sally Vernon F Unattached
116 William Winter M Unattached
117 Laura Jane Winter F Unattached
118 Leah Griffin F RAF Athletics
119 Karen Jeckell F Longstanton Limpers
120 Peder J├Ânsson M Unattached
121 Paul Rouse M Unattached
122 Dan Francis M Unattached
123 Gerald Meah M Cambridge & Coleridge AC
124 Thomas Womack M Unattached
125 Kirsten Watson F Unattached
126 Abi Edwards F Fen Edge Runners
127 Avril Monmont F Unattached
128 Leah Monmont F Unattached
129 Alice Edwards F BRJ Run and Tri
130 Kristy Guneratne F Unattached
131 Christina Lankford F Cambridge Triathlon Club
132 William Lankford M Cambridge Triathlon Club
133 Craig Britton M Unattached
134 John Pharoah M Unattached
135 Richard Bevan M Biggleswade AC
136 Andrew Shields M Cambridge & Coleridge AC
137 Shannon Burke M Cambridge & Coleridge AC
138 Lee Tatum M Ely Runners
139 Cathryn Woodward F Unattached
140 Russ Ladkin M Unattached
141 Tom Bloomfield M Unattached
142 Ben Chamberlain M Cambridge & Coleridge AC
143 Ali Sales M Cambridge Triathlon Club
144 Jan Watt F Unattached
145 Chloe Newton F Unattached
146 Gavin Andrew M Unattached
147 Iona Graham-Hagg F Cambridge & Coleridge AC
148 James Pearson M Unattached
149 Garry Hill M Unattached
150 Tanya Burton F Unattached
151 Lex Wilson M Unattached
152 Sarah Pickard F Unattached
153 Stephanie Taylor F Unattached
154 Victoria Barker F Unattached
155 Wendy Johnson F Fen Edge Runners
156 John Johnson M Unattached
157 Jane Fricker F Unattached
158 Richard Kettlewell M Unattached
159 Jill Cressy F Unattached
160 Elizabeth Haresnape F Unattached
161 Adam Vaughan M Unattached
162 Sue Coughlan F Fen Edge Runners
163 Peter Ellis M Unattached
164 Sue Pearson F Fen Edge Runners
165 James Tortoise M Cambourne Runners ARC
166 David Harker M Unattached
167 James Varndell M Unattached
168 Robert Johnson M Unattached
169 Tom Harris M Unattached
170 Suzie Dickinson F Unattached
171 Lilly O'Dell F AM Activ Race Team
172 Tom Cardy M Unattached
173 Claire Wilshaw F Cambridge Triathlon Club
174 Gary Bousfield M Unattached
175 Tim Long M Cambridge & Coleridge AC
176 Alex Metcalfe M Ely Runners
177 Steve Hinshelwood M Unattached
178 Eilidh Nicol F Cambridge & Coleridge AC
179 Deborah Etheredge F Unattached
180 Emma Etheredge F Cambridge & Coleridge AC
181 Clare Bacchus F Cambridge & Coleridge AC
182 Christof Schwiening M Unattached
183 Jeremy Newell M Unattached
184 Steve Buckley M Unattached
185 Jane Munro F CSR RunningClub
186 Thomas Gibson M Cambridge & Coleridge AC
187 Ian Richardson M Cambridge & Coleridge AC
188 Karen Richardson F Cambridge & Coleridge AC
189 Nick Osborn M Huntingdonshire AC
190 Edward Latham M Cambridge & Coleridge AC
191 PJ Scott M Unattached
192 Michael Brentnall M Cambridge & Coleridge AC
193 Sue Brentnall F Cambridge & Coleridge AC
194 Kevin Keeves M Unattached
195 Beth Macaulay F Fen Edge Runners
196 Sarah Matthews F Unattached
197 Tom Carruthers M Unattached
198 Katharine Carruthers F Unattached
199 Martyn Brearley M Cambridge & Coleridge AC
200 Alex Geoghegan F Cambridge & Coleridge AC
201 Lisa Hamilton F Unattached
202 Alan Baldock M Cambridge & Coleridge AC
203 Rachel Porter F Cambridge & Coleridge AC
204 Fiona Morgan F Unattached
205 Kevin Clarke M Unattached
206 Mark Wishart M Eye Community Runners
207 Colin Groom M Unattached
208 Paul Waggitt M Ely Runners
209 Mark Thomas M Fen Edge Runners
210 Luke Renouf M Fen Edge Runners
211 Freya Redman F Unattached
212 Sarah Chamberlain F Unattached
213 Phil Whitbread M Unattached
214 Alan Pritchard M Cambridge & Coleridge AC
215 Dave Price M Newmarket Joggers
216 Benjamin Veitch M Cambridge Triathlon Club
217 Duncan Coombs M Cambridge & Coleridge AC
218Jane MansleyFCambridge & Coleridge AC
219Andrew ThompsonMEly Runners
220James HaynesMUnattached
221Peter HaynesMUnattached
222Kathy HaynesFUnattached
223Oli WadeMUnattached
224Helen BarkerFUnattached
225Stuart FraserMUnattached
226Selcan RowlesFSt Neots Riverside Runners
227Wayne RowlesMUnattached
228Pedro GomezMUnattached
229Adam HollandMTavistock Run Project
230Les RouseMFen Edge Runners
231Andrew SimpsonMUnattached
232James PageMUnattached
233Victoria PageFUnattached
234Peter StevensMUnattached
235Paul Taylor-CrushMUnattached
236Jack Taylor-CrushMUnattached
237Teresa Taylor-CrushFUnattached
238Margaret PhillipsFCambridge & Coleridge AC
239Lucy CundliffeFCambridge Triathlon Club
240Colin BatchelorMEly Runners
241Ben WillisMUnattached