Entry list

Please note race numbers will not be posted. Please pick up your race number at the pre-registered desk on the evening of the race.

Race NumberNameCategoryClub
1Jon AndersonMCambridge & Coleridge AC
2Chris PoultneyMLongstanton Limpers
3Andrew UnsworthMCambridge & Coleridge AC
4Georgina SchwieningFCambridge & Coleridge AC
5Andrew BoothMUnattached
6Chris JohnsonMUnattached
7Paul JonesMCambridge & Coleridge AC
8Peter DuthieMUnattached
9David ConnorMUnattached
10Martine VanwyckFUnattached
30Glenn SmethurstMLongstanton Limpers
31Melanie MeddowsFLongstanton Limpers
32Victoria GilbeyFUnattached
33Amy CopeFCambridge & Coleridge AC
34Zoe EvansFEly Runners
35Josh IronMHaverhill Running Club
36Angus HutchisonMUnattached
37Justin SmithMEly Runners
38David MouldMEly Runners
39Jonathan FullerMLongstanton Limpers
40Jim StockerMHuntingdonshire AC
41Amelie KirchgaessnerFUnattached
42Austin WiehahnMCambridge & Coleridge AC
43Lauren ThomasFEly Runners
44Kelly HallFUnattached
45Kimberley HadenFLongstanton Limpers
46Alex RodgerMUnattached
47Jonathan HamiltonMUnattached
48Edward HodsonMUnattached
49Alex DownieMCambridge & Coleridge AC
50Tracy HutchisonFUnattached
51Hope HutchisonFUnattached
52Caroline Zakrzewski FUnattached
53Alec EdgingtonMUnattached
54Katie BarrettFUnattached
55Peter WoodsMUnattached
56Sue WoodsFUnattached
57Rob MonkMUnattached
58Mark WebsterMUnattached
59Simon TaylorMUnattached
60Reuben PardoeMUnattached
61Ben MeadowsMCambridge & Coleridge AC
62Megan JacksonFUnattached
63Tina DisleyFUnattached
64Peter LarmanMUnattached
65Gordon AspinMCambridge & Coleridge AC
66Sean JohnsonMUnattached
67Lindsay CuthbertFUnattached
68Carmel McEnieryFCambridge & Coleridge AC
69Andy IrvineMCambridge & Coleridge AC
70Charlotte SygmutaFEly Runners
71Lucy HutchisonFUnattached
72Sarah Wakerley FUnattached
73Diana BravermanFCambridge & Coleridge AC
74Terry BravermanMHaverhill Running Club
75Alex CardwellFLongstanton Limpers
76Julie StringerFCambridge & Coleridge AC
77Laura NormanFUnattached
78Alex EberlinMCambridge Triathlon Club
79Graham DarlingMUnattached
80Julia DarlingFUnattached
81Chris DarlingMCambridge & Coleridge AC
82James WoodMUnattached
83Spencer NormanMUnattached
84Douglas BarberMUnattached
85Gillian PlowmanFUnattached
86Andrew PlowmanMUnattached
87Jessica CockerFCambridge & Coleridge AC
88Christopher PellMCambridge & Coleridge AC
89Damian Harris-DowsettMUnattached
90Jane MunroFCSR Running Club
91Adrian ScrutonMCambridge & Coleridge AC
92James PlowmanMUnattached
93Ildiko CsengeiFMeltham AC
94Sandi NewmanFUnattached
95Julia WatkinsonFCambridge Triathlon Club
96Craig WatkinsonMUnattached
97Jeni SawfordFUnattached
98Jim HillMUnattached
99Marie-Louise AnderssonFUnattached
100Sofia StenforsFUnattached
101Annika FribergFCambridge & Coleridge AC
102Wallis FribergMCambridge & Coleridge AC
103Helen GrantFCambridge & Coleridge AC
104Edward MoffettMCambridge & Coleridge AC
105Caroline ArcherFHuntingdonshire AC
106Adam CareMUnattached
107Jonathon ClarkeMUnattached
108Alice LeadbeterFNewmarket Joggers
109Adam SmartMUnattached
110Thomas RussellMUnattached
111Augusta McMahonFCambridge & Coleridge AC
112Jennifer SmithFCambridge & Coleridge AC
113Steven AndersonMUnattached
114David GledhillMUnattached
115Sally VernonFUnattached
116William WinterMUnattached
117Laura Jane WinterFUnattached
118Leah GriffinFRAF Athletics
119Karen Jeckell FLongstanton Limpers
120Peder J├ÂnssonMUnattached
121Paul RouseMUnattached
122Dan FrancisMUnattached
123Gerald MeahMCambridge & Coleridge AC
124Thomas WomackMUnattached
125Kirsten WatsonFUnattached
126Abi EdwardsFFen Edge Runners
127Avril MonmontFUnattached
128Leah MonmontFUnattached
129Alice EdwardsFBRJ Run and Tri
130Kristy GuneratneFUnattached
131Christina LankfordFCambridge Triathlon Club
132William LankfordMCambridge Triathlon Club
133Craig BrittonMUnattached
134John PharoahMUnattached
135Richard BevanMBiggleswade AC
136Andrew ShieldsMCambridge & Coleridge AC
137Shannon BurkeMCambridge & Coleridge AC
138Lee TatumMEly Runners
139Cathryn WoodwardFUnattached
140Russ LadkinMUnattached