Entry list

Please note race numbers will not be posted. Please pick up your race number at the pre-registered desk on the evening of the race.

Race NumberNameCategoryClub
2Chris PoultneyMLongstanton Limpers
3Andrew UnsworthMCambridge & Coleridge AC
4Georgina SchwieningFCambridge & Coleridge AC
5Andrew BoothMUnattached
6Chris JohnsonMUnattached
7Paul JonesMCambridge & Coleridge AC
8Peter DuthieMUnattached
30Glenn SmethurstMLongstanton Limpers
31Melanie MeddowsFLongstanton Limpers
32Victoria GilbeyFUnattached
33Amy CopeFCambridge & Coleridge AC
34Zoe EvansFEly Runners
35Josh IronMHaverhill Running Club
36Angus HutchisonMUnattached
37Justin SmithMEly Runners
38David MouldMEly Runners
39Jonathan FullerMLongstanton Limpers
40Jim StockerMHuntingdonshire AC
41Amelie KirchgaessnerFUnattached
42Austin WiehahnMCambridge & Coleridge AC
43Lauren ThomasFEly Runners
44Kelly HallFUnattached
45Kimberley HadenFLongstanton Limpers
46Alex RodgerMUnattached
47Jonathan HamiltonMUnattached
48Edward HodsonMUnattached
49Alex DownieMCambridge & Coleridge AC
50Tracy HutchisonFUnattached
51Hope HutchisonFUnattached
52Caroline Zakrzewski FUnattached
53Alec EdgingtonMUnattached
54Katie BarrettFUnattached
55Peter WoodsMUnattached
56Sue WoodsFUnattached
57Rob MonkMUnattached
58Mark WebsterMUnattached
59Simon TaylorMUnattached
60Reuben PardoeMUnattached
61Ben MeadowsMCambridge & Coleridge AC
62Megan JacksonFUnattached
63Tina DisleyFUnattached
64Peter LarmanMUnattached
65Gordon AspinMCambridge & Coleridge AC
66Sean JohnsonMUnattached
67Lindsay CuthbertFUnattached
68Carmel McEnieryFCambridge & Coleridge AC
69Andy IrvineMCambridge & Coleridge AC
70Charlotte SygmutaFEly Runners
71Lucy HutchisonFUnattached
72Sarah Wakerley FUnattached
73Diana BravermanFCambridge & Coleridge AC
74Terry BravermanMHaverhill Running Club
75Alex CardwellFLongstanton Limpers